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Heavy Metal Babes

Get ready to go on a wild adventure like you have never experienced before in the world of Heavy Metal Babes. When facing a crisis of epic proportions the Earth must go to drastic lengths to ensure that its colony X-69 is still functioning. Unlike the real Earth, X-69 is inhabited by creatures known as XEN units which are clones of genetically superior girls with the ability to synchronize with and take control of powerful robots. Heavy Metal Babes is presented courtesy of our friends over at Nutaku. So waste no time and start playing this amazing Japanese RPG game!

Heavy Metal Babes Hentai Game

Here are the best features of Heavy Metal Babes:
* 21 gorgeous girls
* 140 sex scenes with sizzling sexy adventures
* Recruit additional mouth-watering hotties into your ever-growing harem of hunnies
* First-hand to travel through space with a ship filled with exotic dames
* Whether you like things sensual, kinky, or even downright dirty, there will definitely be content to make your most diverse of fantasies a reality

Play the game on Nutaku.net - a trusted platform for hentai games.

Heavy Metal Babes PLAY NOW

Heavy Metal Babes hentai game screenshot 1
Heavy Metal Babes hentai game screenshot 2
Heavy Metal Babes hentai game screenshot 3
Heavy Metal Babes hentai game screenshot 4
Heavy Metal Babes hentai game screenshot 5
Heavy Metal Babes hentai game screenshot 6

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