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A Late Night At The Office Walkthrough

Please be patient while the video loads
Move the target on the hot spots and when holding, hold the left mouse button until the increase of the arousal stops.
1)  Massage her shoulders.
2)  Try to remove her Jacket - click on her chest - Angela closes her jacket again.
3)  Massage her shoulders.
4)  Turn off the light - click on the switch button of the lamp (a little bit lower then the button itself).
5)  Massage her shoulders again.
6)  Touch her Chest - Angela takes off her Jacket.
7)  Massage her shoulders, then go down to her breast - The blouse will open a bit, but then Angela closes the blouse.
8)  Take the blue lighter from the desk, light up the candle and put the lighter back on the desk.
9)  Massage Angela's shoulder and breasts, then click on the upper button of her blouse - Angela takes it off.
10) Rub her breasts.
11) Rub her thighs.
12) Lift up her skirt a bit - Angela pulls it back.
13) Rub her breasts again - Angela opens her bra, but hold it in position.
14) Rub her thighs.
15) Touch her breasts - Angela shakes her head.
16) Take the feather and tickle both of Angela's breasts - Angela laughs and lowers her bra a bit.
    TIP: The position ot the top of the feather should be in the middle between her thumbs and her armpits. Click and hold, the feather moves by itself. 
17) Tickle her belly - Angela keeps laughing and then she removes her bra.
18) Rub her tits.
19) Caress her nipples with the finger.
20) Rub her thighs.
21) Lift up her skirt - Angela takes it off.
22) Rub her breasts.
23) Caress her nipples with the finger.
24) Rub her pussy.
25) Touch her pussy again - Angela takes over masturbating herself.
26) Simultanously rub her tits - Orgasm 1.
27) Rub her tits.
28) Rub her pussy and try to pull down her panties - Angela pulls them back up.
29) Take the flower and tickle her breasts - Angela laughs.
30) Tickle her belly and pussy with the flower - Angela keeps laughing and suddenly she wets her panties.
31) Spank her butt.
32) Caress her butt.
33) Take the ruler from the desk and spank her butt again - then Angela rubs her ass and takes off her panties.
34) Rub her tits.
35) Rub her pussy.
36) Click on her pussy again - Angela opens her thighs, sitting on the desk.
37) Finger her pussy.
38) Rub her tits.
39) Finger her pussy again - Angela takes over masturbating.
40) Extinct the candle, take it and insert it into Angela's pussy, then fuck her with the candle - Orgasm 2.
Now Angela offers you three endings:
I) Fucking
I.1) Rub her breasts.
I.2) Rub her pussy.
I.3) Touch her mouth.
I.4) Rub her pussy again - Angela starts fucking you.
I.5) Finger her clit - Orgasm 3.
II) Blowjob, Handjob, Titfuck
II.1) Rub her pussy.
II.2) Caress her nipples with the finger.
II.3) rub her pussy - Angela goes down on you and starts jerking you off by hand.
The following actions you can do by switching from one to the other:
II.4) Click on her nipple - Titfuck.
II.5) Click on her mouth - Blowjob.
II.6) Click on her mouth or nipple (depending on blowjob or titfuck) - Handjob.
II.7) Feel free to switch around between these sexy actions and the arousal bar goes up to around 75%.
II.8) Let her finish you off by hand.
III) Assfuck
III.1) Finger her pussy.
III.2) Finger her asshole.
III.3) Unsuccessful attempt to insert your dick in her ass - Angela shouts - quickly stick your finger in her mouth to get it wet.
III.4) Stick your wet finger in her ass again.
III.5) Now your dick will go inside her ass and during assfucking rub her tits from behind - Orgasm 3.


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