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Desire and Submission 1 Walkthrough

Move the target on the hot spots and when holding, hold the left mouse button until the increase of the arousal stops.

Walkthrough Key
H = hold
C = click
C+H = click and hold
A = Alancy
F = Florian
M = Martin
L = Lee-Ann
xxxxx = Dialogue

Secret code for Help: "spank"

Step Hot Spot Action Comments
1) Right thight C+H A rubs herself
2) Right breast C+H A rubs herself
3) Pussy C+H A rubs herself
4) Naked stomach C+H A rubs herself
5) Naked pussy C+H A rubs herself
6) Book C A looks in the drawer and finds the handcuffs
7) Stomach C+H M touches A's stomach
8) Right breast C M touchs A's right breast
9) Left thight C+H M touches A's left thight
10) Stomach C+H M touches A's stomach
11) Stomach C+H M touches A's stomach
12) Right breast C+H M touches A's right breast
13) Stomach C+H M touches A's stomach
14) Panties C+H M touches A's panties
15) Stomach C+H M touches A's stomach
16) Naked breasts C+H M uncovers and touches A's breasts
17) Naked breasts C+H M touches A's breasts
18) Panties C M moves A's panties down
19) Pussy C+H M touchs A's pussy
20) Asshole C M touches A's asshole
21) Skirt C A lifts her skirt and bows her back
22) Panties C M pulls down A's panties
23) A's ass C+H M spanks A until rod moves upsides, then release
24) After spanking click and hold on different places: neck, back, ass and thigh.
(M caresses���� the zones with his rod)
Repeat 23 and 24 until dialogue
25a) Dead end: M continues spanking until A leaves
25) M's left hand on trousers bag C M takes out from his trousers Florian's gift����
26) A's ass C+H (repeat until toy is fixed)� M puts the toy into A's ass�
27) A's right thight C+H L caresses A's thight
28) A's ass C L is lifting A's suit
29) A's pussy C+H L caresses A's pussy
30) A's pussy C+H
31) Simultanously L's right breast L caresses A's pussy and her left�
32) A's pussy C+H L sticks her fingers into A's pussy
33) Simultanously L's pussy C+H L rubs herself to orgasm
34) Toy C+H L moves the toy
35) Toy C+H L pulls out the toy
36) A's ass C+H L turns the toy and puts the ball-end�
37) Toy C L turns back the toy
38) A's left knee C A covers herself quickly otherwise M catches you
38a) Dead end: Punishment of L in the basement, A leaves
39) A's mouth C+H A takes the surrogate penis in her mouth��
40) Simultanously A's head C+H L's puts her hand on A's head
41) Grease pot C L takes the grease pot
42) Grease pot C+H
43) Simultanously surrogate penis C+H A greases the surrogate penis
44) A's pussy C A spreads her legs
45) L's breast C L lifts her shirt
46) L's breast C+H
47) Simultanously A's pussy C+H A removes the toy
48) L's breast C L pulls down her shirt
49) Grease pot C+H A greases her asshole
50) Surrogate penis C L inserts the surrogate penis in A's asshole
50a) Surrogate penis C+H Dead end: L fucks A in the ass, A cries loudly and M catches the girls. Punishment of L in thr basement until A leaves.
51) Blue panties C A touches the panties
52) A's mouth C+H A puts the panties in her mouth
53) Simultanously surrogate penis C+H L fuckes A's ass until orgasm
End Password revealed for the 2nd part�� - "malfort"

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