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Desire and Submission 2 Walkthrough

Please be patient while the video loads
Move the target on the hot spots and when holding, hold the left mouse button until the increase of the arousal stops.

Walkthrough Key
H = hold
C = click
C+H = click and hold
Opening code = malfort
F = Florian
A = Alancy
L = Lee-Ann
M= Martin
H= Hubert Betoncourt
S= Serving maid
xxxxx = Dialogue

Secret code for Help: "spank"

Step Hot Spot Action Comments
1) S C Florian touches S
2) Cake C S offers cake
3) S's ass C F lifts S's skirt
4) A's skirt C+H F lifts A's skirt
5) F's penis C F opens his fly
6) F's penis C+H A licks F's penis
7) L's mouth C
8) F's penis C+H L licks F's penis
9) F's penis C+H L licks F's penis
10) F's penis C+H A licks F's penis
11) Simultanously L's breast C+H L puts her hand on A's Head
12) F's penis C+H A sucks F to orgasm
13) F's sperm C A licks the sperm from L's clothes
14) Sperm on L's thight C+H A removes the spot with her finger and licks her finger clean
15) L's left hand C L removes the sperm from her shorts and let A lick the finger dry
16) A's mouth C A swallows 
17) A's right ass side C+H A caresses herself
18) A's left thigh   C+H A caresses herself
19) A's arm C+H A caresses herself
20) A's left breast C+H A caresses herself
21) A's left nipple C+H A caresses herself
22) A's panties C+H A caresses herself
23) A's crotch C+H A caresses herself
23) repeat 17,18 or 19 C+H A caresses herself
24) L's hand C,H L kneels in front of A
25) A's panties C+H L pulls down A's panties
26a) A's pussy C dead end: L licks A's 
27a) Oil flask C+H M pours oil on A's and L's pussy
28a) Candle C M takes the candle
29a) Candle C+H M drips wax on L's butt
30a) Candle C+H M drips wax on A's butt
31a) Repeat 29a and 30a
32a) Key on the floor C+H A tries to take the key
xxxxx A+L leave Malfort together (bad end)
26) H's fly C H opens his trousers
27) A's right hand C+H A caresses her pussy
28) A's pussy C+H A spreads her pussy lips
29) A's mouth C A wets her fingers
30) A's pussy C+H A fingers her pussy
31) Repeat 29 and 30 A fingerfucks herself to orgasm
32) H's fly C A takes out H's penis
33) L's ass C F uncovers and rubs L's ass
34) A's right hand C+H A rubs H's penis
35) L's lower ass C+H F fingers L's ass
36) H's cock C+H A sucks H's cock
37) H's mouth C+H
38) F's ass C,H F fucks A's pussy
39) L's pussy C L uncovers her pussy and rubs it
40) Bottleneck C L takes the champain bottle and fucks herself with the bottleneck
41) A's pussy C F stops fucking A in the pussy
42) F's ass C,H moving down F fucks A in the ass up to orgasm\
43) A's left hand C A rubs F's breast
44) F's mouth C+H A kisses F
45) F's penis C+H A caresses F's penis through the pajama
46) A's ass C+H F lifts the sheet and caresses A's ass
47) A's lower ass C+H F fingers A's ass
48) F's mouth C+H A kisses F
49) F's penis C A uncovers F's Penis and rubs it
50) K's breast C+H F rubs K's breast
51) K's nightie C+H F lifts K's nightie and rubs her ass
52) K's breast C F removes K's nightie
53) K's back C+H moving down F moves K down
54) F's cock C F takes out his cock
55) K's head C F takes K's head and let her suck his cock
56a) K's head C dead end: A puts her hand on K's Head and takes it away from sucking F's cock, discussion until bad end, Alancy leaves Florian
57) A's hips C+H A lifts her nightie
58) F's cock C+H A sucks F's cock
59) K's pussy C+H A licks K's pussy
60) F's right hand C+H F fingers K's pussy
61) F's cock C+H A takes F's cock and insert it in K's pussy. F fucks K to orgasm
62) K's butt C+H+release A spanks K's butt three times
63) K's belly C+H+release A spanks K's belly three times
64) K's butt or belly C
65) K's tits C+H+release A spanks K's tits three times
66) K's tits C
67) K's pussy C+H+release A spanks K's pussy three times
68) K's pussy C End of punishment


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